Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I properly address an envelope?

An envelope must be addressed with a sender’s address (the address of the person sending the mail) and the receiver’s address (the person receiving the mail).  The sender’s address is placed at the back of the envelope and the receiver’s address is placed at the front and center of the envelope.


2. Is there a special area that I should affix my postage stamps?

The stamps should be placed to the top right hand on the front of the envelope.


3. Do I have a postal code?

Yes.  All villages have a postal code.  This must be used when addressing an envelope or parcel.


4. Do I have to bring along anything when posting or collecting mail?

When collecting mails or parcels, one should ensure that they have identification.  This is also necessary when doing transactions on behalf of others.


5. I have relatives abroad; can I send them money in my mail?

No cash must be mailed.  To facilitate sending funds abroad, one can purchase a bank draft and register this mail to the receiver.  If cash is mailed, no compensation is given to the customer if the mail is lost.


6. I have heard about a US Mail Box Service, what is this about?

Our US Mail Box service allows you to purchase items online and be shipped directly to you through the Post Office.  You sign up and are given an address in the US.  You forward all purchases to this address and it would then be sent on to the Post Offices.  When the item gets to SVG Post, you will be alerted.  All you pay is freight and custom duties.


7. Is a return address necessary?

Return addresses are definitely necessary.  This ensures that mail is returned to you if it was never collected by the receiver.



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